Kanji/Kana ユリアスター
Rōmaji (yuriasutaa)
Classification Enchanted Clothing
User(s) Kain Faustus
Media Debut


Yliaster is Sacred Treasure used by member of the Nine Circles of the Phantom Legion, 6th Circle of Heresy, Kain Faustus.

Appearance Edit

Yliaster takes appereance of black and red long coat, with demon-head shaped ornaments on shoulders and gloves. Strangely, while Yliaster is light, jacket seems to be more durable than most armours, and is one of few things that Legio's Scindo or Split cannot affect.

History Edit

Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

Enchanted Durability: Yliaster has shown to be extremely durable, capable to stop sword of Holy Knight with ease. This does not mean attacks don't do damage to Kain, though.

Restoration: Yliaster is capable to restore itself when damaged. It however cannot heal Kain.

'Time Control (Jikan Seigyo, 時間制御)': Yliaster provides to Kain ability to use limited time control, namely allowing Kain to accelerate and slow his own flow of time, allowing him to make world appear to be frozen to him for short perioids of time.

Trivia Edit

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