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Wraiths are creatures from the Undeads Clan, they are the result of souls brought back from the dead by The Reaper's Curse but who were unable to reach their corpse ( which could have been completely destroyed) so wraiths doesn't have any physical form, they are weak ethereal beings wondering in our world like ghosts. If they want to subsist in our world, they need to feast on the souls of other living beings. Their abilities in some way are similar to Thanatos, one of the 10 Shadows of the Apocalypse . If a wraith absorb a great number of souls, he can gain a physical form and become a powerful lich .


A wandering Wraith

Abilities Edit

Ethereal Touch : Being ethereal beings only made of unholy energy, Wraiths are able to go through any kind of physical barrier, as well as bodies, and when they do, they disturb magical flows of every living being they go through, hurting them by the process. That abilities works the same way as The Reaper's Flight of Thanatos .

Possesion : A Wraith is able to posses and control the body of a living being which is weaker than him in terms of magical power. So at first, a newborn wraith will only able to posses the bodies of animals or plants, but the more souls he consumes, the more power he gains. So by the time passing, wraiths are able to posses humans and then humans with greater magical powers , such as knights...

Soul Consumption : Wraiths are able to consume the soul of their host by slowly draning it from the inside of their body, once a wraith finishes consuming the soul of a host, his magical powers increases and he leaves a soulless corpse behind them.

A knight possesed by a wraith

A knight possesed by a Wraith

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