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White Walker Clan
White Walker Clan
Additional Information
Primary Abilities Ice Manipulation
Revival of the Dead
Ruler Unknown
Location Unknown
"The cold beings of ice and death."

The White Walker Clan「 」was one of the major races that populated the world of Nanatsu no Taizai. From the frozen wastelands of Britannia, there dwells the enigmatic White Walker Clan have once invaded the Britannia with the coming of the long winter that lasted a generation, killing everything and everyone in their path before they were pushed back to their homeland by the combined Clans (the humans, fairies, giants and surprisingly the demons) with the Wardens, an ancient order of Holy Knights tasked in preventing their return guarding the borders between their borders.



An army of wights under the White Walker Clan attack the Wardens.


White Walkers look like humans but were much taller and have long wispy white hair along pale grey skin that looked beautiful and terrifying in elegance with glowing blue eyes which is their noticeable trait.

The male were gaunt yet imposing while the females were pale yet beautiful in appearance.

Powers and Abilities

All White Walkers possess the magical powers related to ice and cold. Their arrival is usually accompanied by blizzards and the dropping of temperatures. They can also freeze anything they touch to the point that it shattered upon contact. White Walkers also have superhuman strength, as one managed to toss a full grown man several feet away with a single back-handed punch and shatter the ground with the impact of their fists.

The White Walkers wield swords and spears made from unique ice crystals. And also they possess the ability to revive the dead as wights under their command.

Ice Manipulation

Reviving the Dead


  • The White Walker Clan are based from the race of the same name from the epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire and its tv adaptation series Game of Thrones