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Watchdogs of Farron
Kanji/Kana 消耗 (エクスペンダブルズ)
Rōmaji Faron no u~otchidoggu
Additional Information
Primary Abilities Magic Powers
Leader Dante Alighieri (Captain)
Location Kingdom of Farron (Britannia)

The Watchdogs of Farron are a group of ex-Holy Knights who defected from the Kingdom of Farron. They are led by "The Raging Demon" Dante Alighieri



Watchdogs of Farron
Dante Alighieri Virgil Maria Lionel Madelyn
The Raging Demon The Thunder God The Magical Girl The Immovable Man The Army

Power LevelsEdit

Lionel states that all the Knights within the group possess a level of power superior to 1000, way more powerful then the usual Holy Knight.

  • Dante, The Raging Demon — +30,000
  • Virgil, The Thunder God — +5000
  • Maria, The Magical Girl — +4500
  • Lionel, The Immovable Man — +4000
  • Madelyn, The Army — +3500


  • Dante — Unlimited Blade & Offensive Enchantments
  • Virgil — Lightning Rod & Offensive Enchantments
  • Maria — Lux & Miscellaneous Magic
  • Lionel — Geo & Defensive Enchantments
  • Madelyn — Summon & Defensive Enchantments


Each member of the Watchdogs of Farron possesses a Sacred Treasure that was given to them by the King of Farron.

  • Dante — Outrage
  • Virgil —
  • Maria —
  • Lionel —
  • Madelyn —

Battles & EventsEdit

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