• Not exactly "news", so sorry for the inappropriate section of this post. However, I've noticed multiple uses of the term "Sacred Treasure" on the site and I'd just like to point out that the term Sacred Treasure only refers to the weapons held by the Seven Deadly Sins. While others may be of a similar level of power for sure...they can't be classified as such unless others are revealed.

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    • I agree with this one. If I'm remembering correctly, we don't know much about the sacred treasures except that they're referred to by that name, incredibly overpowered, and given to the Seven by the King. So I'd stay away from using sacred treasures for now, at least until we get a more in-depth explanation for what they are and possible other ways for characters to get them.

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    • Well we do know that the sacred treasures ar unique those specific sins, such as Chasteifol, or Gideon, and from King's explanation that they draw out the power in each sin.

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