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Few things are known about him, except that he's the leader of The Undeads Clan , which means that he must be almost as powerful as the Demon King. Legends say that he's the embodiement of The Reaper's Curse, created from the gathering of thousands of lamenting souls coming from soldiers who died during one of the most violent battle of human history.


Reaper's Curse:   Having a complete control over the Reaper's Curse , The First One rules over all the undeads born from it and can use the tremendous power of the curse as he wishes. Furthermore, as long as the curse reamains, any minion of the First One revives if he is vanquished, being trapped in an eternel cycle of death and undeath. The only way to put an end to the curse is to kill him.

Cursing weapons : The First One is able to infuse weapons with the power of the Reaper's Curse , making his minions even stronger than they were when brought back by the Reaper's Curse which already strenghen them.

Absolute Reanimation: The First One can reanimate any dead corpse he's nearby of, no matter the power level of the corncerned individual as long as his power level during his life was lower than the First One's. The reanimation is stronger than the Reaper's Curse  since the latter only resurrects the persons who had strong negative feelings before their death.

Absolute Eye : The First One can see through the eyes of any of his servants, seeing what they see.