Syrus Redmoon
Kanji/Kana サイラスレッドムーン
Rōmaji Cyrus eddomūn
Alias Sirius

The Nine

Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 190 cm
Weight 79 kg
Eye Color Yellow with black pupil (When angry)
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Occupation Traveler
Affiliation None
Abilities Yggdrasil
Sacred Treasure Nidhogg (Short Sword)
Symbol of Beast
Syrus Redmoon, also called Sirius, is traveler and former Holy Knight. It is unknown why he left from Holy Knights. His magic is called Yggdrasil but is also known as "Nine Worlds", as it has nine different forms.

Appearance Edit

Syrus dark green eyes, light skin and greyish-brown hair, and he usually wears long, grey and white long jacket, and leather straps on his pants. He has armor covering his entire left arm.

Back when he was Holy Knight, Syrus had shorter hair and he wore plate armor with black cloth under it. He also had small, blue cape over his right shoulder.

Personality Edit

Syrus is carefree person who spends more time in taverns drinking than in battlefield or training. Even during his fights he makes fun of his opponents, trying to get them attack him first.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities/Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Yggdrasil Edit

Magic of Syrus, Yggdrasil, also called Nine Worlds, grants Syrus nine different kinds of magic, each representing World of Norse mythology. Sirisu can only have one "World" active at time.


Weapons Edit

Nidhogg : Syrus has enchanted Dagger, Nidhogg, which he usually refuses to use.

Power Level Edit

  • Magic: 1000
  • Strength: 1300
  • Spirit: 1500
  • Total: 3800

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

Image Gallery Edit

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