Kanji/Kana スイッチ
Rōmaji Suitchi
Classification Posession
User(s) Fantom
Weapon Algol
Media Debut


Switch is ability of Fantom.

Description Edit

By coming contact with target user can switch places with his own soul and targets, allowing him take over targets body. Stronger target is, harder is to change body. Magic of targets also switches with bodies, giving them access to their own abilities. When Fantom uses ability, his rune also moves to targets left eye.

Techniques Edit

Take Over : Fantom touches target and moves his own soul inside targets while moving targets soul to body he is using at moment.

Soul Hunter : Fantom is able to abosrb souls to Algol, leaving behind souless husks, which he can manipulate as puppets.

Physical Switch : Fantom changes his soul's location to last body he uses. When using this, location where soul was remains same, but bodies switch places. For example, should Fantom's former body be in prison and body where his soul would be somewhere else, with Physical Switch Fantom's old and new body switch places, new body appearing into prison, while Fantom's old body would appear outside prison.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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