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Sven Schneider
Sven Schneider
Kanji/Kana スヴェン・シュナイダー
Rōmaji Suven Shunaidaa
Alias Unknown
Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Race Undead
Human (former)
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Rank Second-in-command of the Undeads' Army
Occupation Member of the Black Knights (former)
Affiliation Undead Clan
Black Knights Current Gen. (former)
Abilities Death
Equipment Unknown
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

— Sven

Zeon and Camaror

Sven Schneider (スヴェン・シュナイダー, Suven Shunaidaa)




Sven was one of the Black Knights current generation members. He infiltrated the Kingdom of Liones in order to find possible clues about Zahhak 's location. He managed to infiltrate the kingdom a short time before the knight's rebellion and was considered by everyone as somebody who has always been part of the kingdom. During that period of time,  Sven, while accomplishing his "knight" duty, also managed to collect information about where Zahhak could be by studying the secret archives the kingdom possesed in its great library. Once he collected all the possible informations he could, Sven only waited for an opportunity to leave without being spotted by its superiors... and  Hendrickson 's betrayal was the perfect opportunity for him to leave. So while all Liones ' knights and the Seven Deadly Sins were dealing with Hendrickson and his demonic knights, Sven managed to break through the global confusion and fled from the capital.

He was now heading to the Black Knights ' base to bring them what they were seeking, but something he didn't expect happened, he only noticed now that he was chased by a group of people. He tried to flee from them by using his Death ability to create a screen of black fog but the group managed to break through it and  came in front of him to block his way, this group of people was Phantasy. The group of adventurers, who tracked clues of  Black Knights ' presence all around Britannia , finally managed to spot one of them and to catch him. Knowing that he had no choice but to kill them to accomplish his mission, Sven tried to fight against Phantasy as hard as he could but ended up defeated after a hard and long fight... Sven knew that Phantasy would questionning him to know who and where the other Black Knights are or what their true goal is. Sven, in a desesperate attempt, pushed back the group by using his fog and suicided himself by using his own powers to asphyxiate him so he would not give any information to them. So as Hendrickson was falling to the attacks of the united knights of Liones , Phantasy won a battle against the Black Knights . But Sven's death was only a step to a new life, since shortly after his death his dark intentions made that the Reaper's Curse brought him back to life as a new servant of the First One 's cause.



Abilities  Edit

Death : Sven is able to create and manipulate a black fog which is lethal to breath.        

Call of Inferno : Sven can generate a huge screen of black fog which can quickly spread to                                                      a great area. Anybody who breaths this fog will be severly hurt and would                                                       be coughing blood, this ability has already been used by Helbram during                                                 one of his fights ( meaning that Sven was one of the knights under its Link ability).
Call of Inferno anime

Call of Inferno while used by Helbram

Affliction's Grip :    Sven can condense his fog to make it able to grip material thing, he can use this ability to catch something  by using arms made of black fog to constrict his victims as well as intoxicating them with the black fog.

Black Lures: Sven can create clones of himself who are made of black fog and who can move                                              by themselves, when destroyed, they release the fog inside of them in a medium area.


Power LevelEdit




- His name and surname, aside of being of german origin, forms the acronym SS, which was also the other name of the Schutzstaffel , one of the most powerful organisations of the nazi germany during the sencond World War.

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