Kanji/Kana スプリット
Rōmaji Supuritto
Classification Special
User(s) Legio
Weapon Scindo
Media Debut


Split is ability of Legio of Phantom Legion.


Split allows user to make copies of himself by splitting his being to two halves. Process can be repeated, but when "Doppelganger" dies or merges back, all damage is transferred to original one, making ability double-edged sword. Each time splitting, splitted target would lose 50 % of their powers due power being split in two bodies.

Techniques Edit

  • Doppelganger : Legio splits himself to two or more persons.
  • Night Parade of One Hundred Demons : Legio uses Doppelganger several times in row, first to make two copies, then four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, until there are One Hundred Twenty-Eight copies of him. (Powe level of each copy would be 48 % of his strenght, reducing his power level to 1536)
  • Evil Twin : By using Split to target by slashing this with Mehrune vertically, Legio creates "Evil Twin" from target that attacks this.



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