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The Sinners Sword
The Sinner Sword
Kanji/Kana 罪人の剣
Rōmaji Tsumibito no ken
Classification Sword/Great Sword.
User(s)  ???
Media Debut


 The Sinners Sword (罪人の剣, Tsumibito no ken) is a sword, or greatsword, that is used, and harnessed by the Sinner Clan, this sword is special because, it seeks into the victims' greatest fears, and sins. To use against the victim. It is the world's greatest weapon, to deal psycological damage.


The Sinners Sword is an elegant design itself.


The Sinner Sword as the ability to use the victims greatest fear, bringing it to life. The fear is meant to destroy the victims' psychological self, to make the kill easier for the user.