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Kanji/Kana シエグフリード
Rōmaji Shiegufuriido
Alias Knight of Two Worlds (二界の騎士, Nikai no Kishi)
He who Gathers (集める漢, Atsumeru Otoko)
Biographical Information
Age 30
Race Human (Blessed)
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 180cm
Weight 60kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type AB+
Rank Great Holy Knight
Relationships Unnamed Adopted Children
Occupation Magvel Alliance's Leader
Affiliation Magvel Alliance
Abilities Blade
Scale of Justice
Equipment Iustitia
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Siegfried (シエグフリード, Shiegufurīdo) is the former Great Holy Knight of Babylon, a country tasked with acting as the messengers of the Goddess Clan. Their position meant that every generation, the consecutive Great Holy Knight would obtain the blessings of the Goddesses, which Siegfried inevitably did. These blessings, manifesting as the Scale of Justice, would eventually lead him to be regarded as the Knight of Two Worlds (二界の騎士, Nikai no Kishi), for the dichotomy between his powers was stellar to any bystander.

However, the destruction of the country through the assault by Liones' Hendrickson, Dreyfus and the New Generation Holy Knights lead Siegfried to be one of its very few survivors. After wandering the continent, Siegfried would find other countries in similar states. With the task of bringing justice left to him by the Goddesses, Siegfried gathered survivors of these countries and brought them under the banner of the Magvel Alliance. His success in doing so and vastly increasing the country's military power lead him to be known as He who Gathers (集める漢, Atsumeru Otoko). With the take-over of Liones by the Seven Deadly Sins, Siegfried has since entered negotiations with Bartra Liones in regards to the reimbursement of the losses incurred by the countries within the alliance, although some countries appear to have plans of their own.

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Siegfried preparing for combat.

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