Kanji/Kana シーグリム
Rōmaji shiigurimu
Alias The Necromancer

8th Circle

Biographical Information
Age 80
Race Undead (Lich)
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 193 cm
Weight 79 kg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey
Blood Type
Rank Nine Circles

Cardinal (Former)

Occupation 8th Circle
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Necromancy



Sacred Treasure Kharon (Skull-ornamented Staff)
Symbol of Beast

Seigrim "the Delifer" is Former Holy Knight who betrayed his country, and became dreaded Necromancer. He spites Holy Knights, and wishes to erase them from Britain. He has transformed himself to being called Lich by using Necromancy on himself while still alive, turning himself to undead. He has joined Phantom Legion and carries tittle of 8th Circle of Fraud.

Appearance Edit

Seigram dresses in dark greyish hooded robe with golden, skull-ornamented shoulderpieces, gloves and boots. No-one has seen his face, expect Paragon.

Personality Edit

Seigrim is serious and sadistic person, who enjoys to see other people suffer. More than that, he enojoys bloodshed. Usually, Seigrim prefers watching battles from further away, "Enjoying the show".

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities/EquipmentMuokkaa Edit

Abilities Edit

Necromancy Edit

Seigrim has ability to control bodies of the dead. It is not as potential as Enslavement of the Dead, but can rise army of souless zombies and skeletons to fight for him. What Necromancy loses in quality of minions, it makes it up with quanity.

Ice Edit

Seigrim has ability to manipulate and create Ice, which he uses to fend off his opponents.

Blight Edit

Seigrim has ability to infect those he touches with different diseases. He prefers usage of Black Death, as those who succumb to it are easiest to target with his "Necromancy".

Weapons Edit

Kharon Edit

Sacred Treasure of Seigram is Skull-ornamented staff, Kharon. It increases power and control of his Necromancy.

Power Level Edit

  • Magic: 2300
  • Strength: 100
  • Spirit: 1500
  • Total: 3900

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

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