Kanji/Kana ッシンド
Rōmaji (sshindo)
Classification Enchanted Dagger
User(s) Legio
Media Debut


 Scindo weapon used by the member of the Nine Circles of Phantom Legion, Demon Legio.

Appearance Edit

It is a small black and silver dagger with the rune for the letter  "" engraved halfway along the scabbard.

History Edit

Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

Enchanted Split Mehrune enchants Legio's ability, "Split", allowing him to use this ability to others than himself. However, weapon does not multiply while Legio does.

Demon Cutter : Mehrune is razor-sharp blade, and can easily cut through most of things, even magical barriers.

Trivia Edit

  • Weapon is Mehrune's Razor from Skyrim.
  • Name means in Latin "Split" and "Divide."

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