Kanji/Kana 傷跡
Rōmaji Kizuato
Classification Curse
User(s) Unamed Demon


Weapon Cursed Arm
Media Debut


Scar is ability of Calvar.

Description Edit

Scar is ability which requies user to touch target. After this, he is able restore all the wounds which the target has ever suffered in their life. When employed on people who have fought and received injuries during the course of their life, this move is shown to be extremely damaging, causing excruciating pain which prevents the target from standing back. Calvar is able use Scar with his Left, cursed arm.

Healing from Wounds caused by scar is usually 50 % faster without healing, and healing speeds up process up to 80 %.

Techniques Edit

Deja Vu: By touching target with his left arm, Calvar is able to open all their past wounds. This takes three secounds to occur, so it is possible escape before ability triggering fully.

Dark Echo : By grabbing targets head Scar can make targets mental wounds resurface.

Grim Reaper : Calvar's secret technique. His arm starts to glow bright red and gets longer, allowing him reach to target all the way from three meters. A simplest touch from arm is able to trigger full effect of Scar, but in exhange techniuqe is limited to two uses per day.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Imagine if Meliodas would be hit by this.

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