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Scale of Justice
Kanji/Kana 女神の正義 (スケール・オフ・ジャスティス)
Rōmaji Megami no Seigi (Suēkru ofu Jasuteisu)
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Siegfried
Weapon Iustitia
Media Debut


Scale of Justice女神の正義 (スケール・オフ・ジャスティス) Megami no Seigi (Suēkru ofu Jasuteisu)Japanese for "Justice of the Goddess"」 is the ability granted to Siegfried by the blessings of the Goddess Clan. It is an ability that allows one to "balance the scales" (天平を持ち合う, tenbin wo mochiau).

Description Edit

Techniques Edit

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