Kanji/Kana レモラ
Rōmaji Remora
Classification Enchanted Amulet
User(s) Ashlyn
Media Debut


Remora is Sacred Treasure used by member of the Nine Circles of the Phantom Legion, 2nd Circle of Lust, Ashlyn.

Appearance Edit

Remora is golden amulet with ruby on it's center. It ressembles sun, and has runes around ruby.

History Edit

Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

Sleep Curse : Remora reacts to those who try to steal it by putting thiefs asleep. Curse does not affect Ashlyn.

Summoning : Ashlyn is able to summon Remora back from almost anywhere.

Enchanted Magic : While Ashlyn is skilled mage, Remora boosts her magical abilities even more.

Enchanted Portal : Remora boosts Ashlyn's "Portal", allowing her open multiple portals at once.

Trivia Edit

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