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Red Fairy
500px-HOMRA Bar outside
Kanji/Kana 朱の妖精
Rōmaji Ake no Yousei
Location Kingdom of Liones
Affiliation Katsu Ueda
Famous Products
Media Debut

Red Fairy (朱の妖精, Ake no Yousei) is a bar that is owned and founded by Katsu Ueda. Currently in bar work, Aimi as a waitress and Kaia and Kai as apprentices of Katsu.


Gourmet MenuEdit



Red Fairy
Cloud.Strife.full.803796 Aimimug Kaiamug Kaimug
Katsu Ueda Aimi Fujioka Kaia Yoshida Kai Kato
Owner Waitress Apprentice Apprentice



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