Kanji/Kana 浄化 (パージ)
Rōmaji Jōka (Pāji)
Classification Unique
User(s) Druids
Purify the Malice in an individual.
Media Debut


Purge浄化 (パー\) Jōka (Pāji) lit. Purify」is a secret technique and art known only to the Druids, capable of purifying wicked souls upon touch.

Description Edit

As stated, Purge is used by a Druid to remove the malice and evil from a person or object, with most of the time said person dying. Lesser Demons and Vampires are instantly killed by this technique. Resistance to Purge comes into two levels, on the first the target will feel most of the purification effects but survive the ordeal, while on the second the person won't be affected in the slightiest.

It is stronger when focused on a single target.

Purge can also be used to remove Curses from many targets, expelling the darkness influence from them. It can also be imbued with offensive attacks to further implement its purification capability, although it would ensure the target's demise.


Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Purge is the removal of a person considered undesireable by the Government or Society as a whole.
  • In some translations, this technique is also known as Baptism.


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