Kanji/Kana オークリスタ
Rōmaji Ōkurisuta
Classification Two-section-staff
User(s) Zenolenoffe
Media Debut


The Royal Rod Orkrista王棒 オークリスタŌbō Ōkurisuta」 is the Cosmic Treasure of Zenolenoffe, the White Devil of North and the leader of the Four Great Devils.


Orkrista has several different forms, but frequently appears as a white cap that Zeno wears. During combat, it can transform into a staff which can split into two and connected by a chain like nunchaku.


In many ways, Orkrista is similar to King's sacred treasure, Chastiefol. Some of its different forms include:

  • Cap: When not in battle, the rod remains in the form of a cap.
  • Form One, Rod: Zeno frequently utilizes this form, which is a rather short rod, and can split into a two-section staff. Zeno uses this form of his weapon for short-to-mid range attacks, unlike King, who uses his levitation abilities to use his weapon for mid-to-long range attacks.
  • Form Two, Defender保護者 (ディフェンダー)Hogo-sha (Difendā)」: Orkrista takes on the form of a large, stuffed, and white-coloured dragon. While in this form, it can be controlled by Zeno to fight or immobilize enemies by wrapping around them. It bears a weakness against hot and fire attacks.
  • Form Three, Drowsiness眠気 (ドロウジネス)Nemuka (Durōjinesu)」: This form of Orkrista looks similar to a tree-branch with a sharp, sturdy and pointed end. This form has the ability to put whoever it pierces to sleep, rendering them unmovable and practically in a state of eternal drowsiness.
  • Form Four, Catastrophe壊滅 (カタストロフ)Kaimetsu (Katasutorofu)」:
  • Form Five, Shotgun散弾銃 (ショットガン)Sandanjū (Shottogan)」:
    • Injection Shot射出弾 (インジェクションショット)Shashutsudan (Injekushon Shotto)」:
  • Form Six, X-ray透視 (エックスレイ)Tōshi (Ekkusurei)」: This form of Orkrista allows the user to literally scan a particular area, telling him the exact location and certain peculiar traits of hidden people, objects, etc. in the area.
  • Form Seven, Illumination照明 (イルミネーション)Shōmei (Iruminēshon)」: Creates a small light sphere enclosed within a cubicle to brighten up dark area around the user.
  • Form Eight, Waterfall滝 (ウォーターフォール)Taki (Wōtāfōru)」:
  • Final Form, True Royal Rod Orkrista真・王棒 オークリスタShin Ōbō Ōkurisuta」: The true form of Orkrista.

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