Japanese Name: 


Romanized Name: Nidhogg
English Name: Nidhogg
Literal Meaning: Devourer
Ability: Yggdrasil
Weight : 2,5 kg
Weapon type: Short Sword

Nidhogg is Sacred Treasure of Syrus Redmoon, Former Holy Knight, and enchants his ability Yggdrasil.


While on dormant state, Nidhogg takes form of short sword with ornated hilt and bronze colored blade.



Ability storing Edit

Nidhogg can store one ability of Yggdrasil at time, allowing its usage while in Midgard.

  • Transformation : By using Yggdrasil's ability,Nidavelir, Syrus transforms it to different weapons.
  • Flame Sword : It is able to withstand flames of Surtur, power of Muspelheim, without losing its color or being damaged.

Midgard Sword Techniques Edit

  • Fenris : Syrus moves within Midgard freely, allowing him move swiftly from place to another within range of Midgard. However, it is not teleportation but really fast movement. It takes lot energy.
  • Jormungandr : Jormungandr is technique that extends range of Nidhogg's slashes to edge of area of Midgard. It is really Vacuum Blade made by swinging sword with enough power.


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