Kanji/Kana ネメシス
Rōmaji nemeshisu
Classification Longsword
User(s) Raven
Media Debut


 Nemesis is a Holy Sword used by Raven. It posessess ability to absorb and release magical power.

Appearance Edit

Nemesis is a longsword with golden guard and leather-bound handle. In middle of it's guard there is a glowing sphere, "Eye of Nemesis", which is used to fire beam of pure light at enemies.

History Edit


Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Magic Absorption : Special Ability of Nemesis is to absorb magical power from people and their attacks, then use absorbed energy to replanish user's Magical Power.
  • Magic Release : Nemesis is capable of converting magic it absorbs into it's own, allowing user to use sword to fire Energy Waves.
  • Eye of Nemesis : Nemesis releases all magical power it has absorbed as beam of burning light.

Trivia Edit

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