"my brother had not yet awaken his powers and yet he dead what a shame I had mines for a very long time and yet you still think he can still save me ".

Morgana pendragon is the sister of arthur pendragon and daughter of uther pendragon she is a Dark caster.


Morgana is a beautiful young woman with fair skin who once had white flowing hair and violet eyes that she got from her mother, however after she turned dark her hair turned black and her eyes stays the same violet but glow a gold color she wears a black hooded renaissance dress with a crow on her shoulder


Morgana is portrayed as vengeful,ruthless,embittered,cold and calculating, Having turn against her close friends and even her own brother morgana Zealously pursues what she believes that her mother had given her up because she did not want her, that the throne of camelot is rightfully her's and the downfall of her enemy even those she once cared about , she has suffered greatly on a emotional level and unwilling to let go of the past however . Early In her life Morgana was cheerful but still st


Before becoming a Dark sorcuress Morgana was a simple child who was Adopted by a woman villager and her husband who hated her magic. Morgana had initially struggled to understand who she is and what she's supposed to be and had for a very long time. Some years latter her mother passed living her with her Adoptive father, one day she was cut using magic for her work by her Adoptive father getting mad he tould morgana that she was Adopted and that her mother and father did not want her he then calls her a witch due to her magical abilities


Abilities and Equipment



uther pendragon: Morgana

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