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"What do you supposed Holy Knights understand of King Pendragon's struggle! Don't you think he's trying his level best to awaken his latent powers! Yet you idiots, high on your power, disregard his efforts so easily!? Have you forgotten that it was he who pulled out the sword from the heavens!? Either swear your royalty to His Highness or be prepared to be cut down by my blade!"
—Morgan's anger at Holy Knights admonishing Arthur Pendragon's name.
Kanji/Kana モーガヌ
Rōmaji Mōganu
Alias Camelot's Red Fairy (カメロッオの朱妖精, Kamerotto no Shuyōsei)
Biographical Information
Age 21
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Female Femalesymbol
Height 175cm
Weight 54kg
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Red
Blood Type AB+
Rank Diamond-Ranked Holy Knight
Occupation Holy Knight of Camelot
Affiliation Camelot
Abilities Wrath
Cancel(Magic Spell)
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Morgan (モーガヌ, Mōganu) is a particularly skilled Diamond-ranked Holy Knight who descends from Camelot. She is also one of the candidates for the Great Holy Knight position within the country, excluding Meliodas. Morgan is a childhood friend of Arthur Pendragon and is very sympathetic to his cause. Her temper, particularly when invoking the topic of her King, and her prowess within battle, has lead her to be renowned as Camelot's Red Fairy (カメロッオの朱妖精, Kamerotto no Shuyōsei).



Morgan's general appearance.




Powers and Abilities


A depiction of Morgan's immense power.




  • Morgan's name is taken from Morgana le Fay from Arthurian folklore. Unlike the source material, this particular Morgan possesses no blood ties to Arthur Pendragon.
  • Morgan's appearance is based off of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Her alias pays homage to the character in question.

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