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Mochizuki Izushi
Mochizuki Isoshi 00
"I am here! Heed my calls."
Name Mochizuki Izushi.
Kanji 望月出石
Rōmaji Mochidzuki Izushi
Race Human/Kitsune.
Age Seven Hundred fifty three.
Gender Male.
Height Six, Five.
Weight One hundred eighty.
Eyes Black-Ish grey.
Hair Jet Black.
Profession Traits.
Affiliation The Kitsune Clan
Occupation Training the clan, and protecting the clan.
Personal Traits.
Status Alive.
Marital Status Single.
Alias Invisible Black.
Abilities UNKNOWN.
Weapons Swords.

"Why cannot you leave us alone? All we wanted was peace! Now you will perish, along with your knowledge!!!"
— Mochizuki Izushi, adressing his foe.

 Do you know what makes a man? Neither do I! Because nothing makes a man, a man makes himself. Any ways Mochizuki is like the cheif in command of The Kitsune Clan. He is amazing at most of the combat skills known on the planet, since their libary is so massive, containing knowledge about the forbidden styles, and new styles. Mochizuki is a immensly protective man, who will do evverything in his power to do what is right. He dislikes new things, but after time will learn to accept those things. 


Mochizuki wears a black trench coat, with white lines going down, from the torso, to the arms, to the bottom of the trench coat. There is a strap for his swords, that are over the trench coat, and small steel(?) paddings on the sides; for minimal protection. He wears a darker (almost black) grey undershirt, with beige elbow pads. He has a black belt, with a steel click lock, and his dress pants are also black. He wears black shoes, with more steel padding; for minimal protection.


Mochizuki is usually a level headed guy.


Mochizuki comes from the Kitsune Clan, and


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Power Level.

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Mochizuki has no relationships, his family is the only ones.


- "Don't blame others for your misfourtune. The universe holds no blame, just oppertunities."




Mochizuki likes the colour black.