Kanji/Kana マーセラス
Rōmaji Māserasu
Alias Red Devil of East
Biographical Information
Age 100+
Race Fairy
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 5' 10"
Weight 82 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Purple
Blood Type A
Rank Diamond (former)
Relationships Maynard (brother)
Occupation Holy Knight (former)
Affiliation Four Great Devils
Abilities Magma
Equipment Andoril
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Marsellus (マーセラス, Māserasu) is a former Diamond-ranked Holy Knight and also one of the members of the Four Great Devils, being the Red Devil of East. He is also the older brother of Maynard, a fellow Devil.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

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