Kanji/Kana ロア
Rōmaji Roa
Classification Sensor


User(s) Kain Faustus
Weapon Yliaster
Media Debut


Lore is ability of Kain Faustus.

Description Edit

Lore is ability which can analyze and copy different abilities, and allow user to use them as his own. Copied abilities are not however as powerful as original one, and need time to learn to be used with full potential.

Techniques Edit

  • Analysis (Bunseki, 分析)' :' Kain analyzes his target, learning their level of power, physical and magical power as well as their potential weak spots. When using Analysis, Kain's eyes glow red.
  • Mimicry (Gitai, 擬態)' :' After seeing how other's ability works, Kain is capable of copying ability somewhat. However, there are chances he does not know right-away how to use technique on it's full potential. He also can only use techniques he has seen before.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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