Kanji/Kana ロルカン
Rōmaji Rorukan
Alias Growl
Biographical Information
Age 4600+
Race Undead
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Blood Type
Affiliation The 4 Creatures of the Night
Abilities Immortality, Animate
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Lorcan (ロルカン, Rorukan) is an undead magician, also known as Growl (グロール, Gurōru) and the oldest member of the 4 Creatures of the Night. Once he was an apprentice magician, but was cursed and turned into a living corpse.


Lorcan is not very tall man with large backwards spiked red hair. As his flesh rots, he wears a mask to cover his face and a red hood.


Usually silent and secretive, he loves experimenting, trying new magic and formulas, especially in healing and regenerating skin.


In the past, Lorcan worked as an apprentice magician to one great magician. During his time with him, he was able to learn lots of magics, but also learned of the secret plan of his master, who was trying to make himself immortal, stealing the souls of thousands of people. Giving his best, he eventually was able to destroy his masters plan and defeat him at the cost of his own life, but in the final moments, his master put a curse on him, making him a living corpse, nor alive, nor dead, cursed to walk on Earth until it's very end.


Lorcan unmasked

Lorcan unmasked

Being undead, Lorcan can't be killed and is able to take large amount of damage or even be dismembered. He knowns large amount of spells and magics.


His power Animate, gives Lorcan the ability to temporary turn any non-living object into a living creature to serve him or fight for him.


  • Main image is Theodore from Ninja Gaiden 3, 2nd image is En from Dorohedoro.


The 4 Creatures of the Night
EttoreP DravenP AbelP LorcanP
Ettore Draven Abel Lorcan

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