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" Lichs are what you can call undead mages you know... but don't underestimate them, even if they seem to have a fragile appearance, they are way more deadly than most other undeads ! " - A mage describing the threat lichs represent...

A Lich is an evolved form of a Wraith who absorbed enough souls to gain a physical form. Furthermore, whith his newly gained physical form a Lich is able to use all the magical power they gathered while it was in a Wraith form. So lichs are potentially powerful undead mages who can use unholy magic to slay the ennemies of The First One. When a lich is born, it automatically joins the troups of The Bone Legion. There also other beings who are called Lichs but doesn't belong to that specy, but there are few ones , such as Seigrim.


A Lich

Abilities Edit

Darkness and ice manipulation : Lichs are able to manipulate darkness and ice by using unholy magic.

Shadowbolt : By condensing unholy magic, a lich can launch a shadow orb on a specific location.

Seal of Ice : Lichs are able to curse their targets with an ice seal, which make them contract a powerful sickness, slowing them down as well as heavily damaging their organism.

Anti-life Sphere : A lich is able to channeling a magical cocoon in an area around him , in that area the unholy energies are dense and really present, which empowers the regeneration abilities of the undead as well as heavily hurting the living inside the sphere. Furthermore, the more Lichs are channeling inside the sphere, the greater it becomes.

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