Kanji/Kana レジオン
Rōmaji Rejion
Alias Michael
Biographical Information
Age 3000+
Race Demon
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 180
Weight 60
Eye Color Dark Brown


Hair Color Plum
Blood Type
Rank Nine Circles
Occupation 1st Circle
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Split
Sacred Treasure Scindo (Magical Dagger)
Symbol of Beast

Legio "The Infinite" is member of Phantom Legion and Demon Clan who was trapped inside stone statue. It was found by Paragon who shattered statue, releasing Legio. He represents 1st Circle of Hell, Limbo. He also is owner of bar "The Lost Wonder".


Legio is young men with red eyes and short, plum hair. He dresses in white, long-sleeved shirt, brown vest, and black trouser with grey ribbons tie around his neck.

His Circle's symbol is on his right shoulder.


Legio is quiet and reticent, often prefering stay silent.

Legio is suprisingly good chef.





Split Edit

Ability of Legio, Split, allows him split his own body to multiple persons. Copies have same power and stamina as user, and damage they get is transfered to user as well. Limit seems to be fifty copies, but he usually uses 3 from, himself. With usage of his dagger, he can make people he cuts also "Split" in Evil and Good Side.

Power of Darkness: Demons can create and manipulate a mysterious dark substance to enhance both their offensive and defensive abilities. It has been shown to form various weapons and to protect them from attacks that would otherwise cause serious injury. Legio is capable to use this power, though not as skillfully as Ten Commandments.


Scindo Edit

Magical Weapon Legio carries is dagger called Scindo. He uses it with his magic, "Split".

Power Level Edit

  • Magic: 6500
  • Strength: 2500
  • Spirit: 7000
  • Total: 14000



  • "You are one... We are many." - Legio when using his ability.


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