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Kanji/Kana カースニク
Rōmaji Kasuniku
Alias Kers「カー Kas
Grand Chief「壮大主任 Sōdai Shunin
Biographical Information
Age 28
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 6'0"
Weight 190lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark-Blue
Blood Type O-
Rank Holy Knight
Relationships Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Occupation Kalneh's Grand Chief
Magvel Alliance's Warlord
Affiliation Kalneh
Magvel Alliance
Abilities Calamity
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
"Peaceful Storm."
Mr. Draco

Kersnik「カースニク Kasuniku」is the grand chief of Kalneh, a very poor country close to the provinces of Babylon and Lincoln. The country was shown itself to be one of the most if not the most poor province of that area, being easily dominated or surpassed in all regards. Kersnik himself spent most of his life completely alone, never getting to meet his parents as a Fisher seemingly took care of him. Kalneh had a dictatorship, being a poor country, every innocent live was property of the Ruling Ones that stood within the region's colisseum, Kersnik would eventually grow tired of it and develop his abilities through sheer training every day.

Afterwards, he had discovered his unique magic Calamity, using it along with his fighting prowess in order to put an stop to the Iron-Fist Ruling that was happening. He defeated all of the group which had control over the country and stood as its ruler, accepting such a title for the sheer fact he was willing to help all those innocent souls in any way possible. Being a very small country, Kalneh was oddly overlooked by the Liones' troops which focused on bigger places instead. It was then that Kers had stumbled upon Siegfried who had his country destroyed by the enemy and was looking for survivors of the great invasion that had happened.

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Kersnik's full appearance.

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Abilities & Powers Edit

Physical Prowess Edit

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Abilities Edit

Calamity「災難 Sainan

Power Level Edit

According to Siegfried, Kers possesses a similar level of power to him, demonstrating his immense might.

Relationships Edit

Magvel AllianceEdit



Battles & Events Edit

  • Kersnik vs. Siegfried — Interrupted

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Trivia Edit

  • He is based off of Acnologia from the Fairy Tail Series.

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