Kain Faustus
Kanji/Kana ケイン ファウスト
Rōmaji Kain Fausuto
Alias Black Swordsman

Kain of Black Wind

Circle of Heresy

Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Race Unknown
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 195 cm
Weight 90 kg
Eye Color Light purple
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Occupation Mercenary

6th Circle

Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Armory
Equipment Five swords
Sacred Treasure Yliaster
Symbol of Beast

Kain Faustus, known also as Black Swordsman, is traveling Mercenary and member of dreaded Demon Clan. Currently he works with Phantom Legion, a group that wishes to eliminate the Holy Knights. He is really talented swordsman, and carries five single-bladed swords with him. He is one of Nine Circles, Representing 6th Circle, "Heresy".


Edge has light purple eyes, olive skin and black hair. He is often seen wearing his black, hooded jacket with ornated shoulder pieces, black metal boots and braces and his five swords. He has Communication Orb stapped on his belt. On his right hand, under armor, is his Symbol stating his rank as one of Nine Circles.


Kain is cold and distant person who prefers working alone, away from other members of Phantom Legion. He dislikes noisy places so he rarely visits cities.

Kain is not religious and states often "There is no god".






Lore is Kains's main ability; This allows him to learn other abilities once he figures out how they are performed, though some are out of his reach.


Armory is Conjuration-ability Kain uses in case he wants use different weapon than his sword. It allows Kain create weapon he has used before, but weapon would vanish within five minutes if Kain would drop it.


Swords : Kain carries five swords with him, usually three strapped his back and two on his belt. They are really durable, and Kain states they could take hit from giant without bending.


Sacred Treasure of Kain is his jacket, Yliaster. It is proven to be nearly undestructable, and been able to restore itself when cutted.

Time Control (Jikan Seigyo, 時間制御)': Yliaster provides to Kain ability to use limited time control, namely allowing Kain to accelerate and slow his own flow of time, allowing him to make world appear to be frozen to him for short perioids of time.

Power Level

  • Magic: 9000
  • Strength: 10000
  • Spirit: 14000
  • Total: 33000



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