A mother never forgets her child

Lady Igraine pendragon (nee de Bois) is the late mother of Arthur and morgana pendragon and wife of uther she died when arthur was very young.


Igraine was a beautiful woman of Average height with feminine features she had white hair that falls to her mid-back and violet eyes which was pass to her son and daughter


When she was Alive Igraine was a spirited, determined heard working woman much like Arthur Igraine had a happy-go lucky demeanor and was willing to go to any length for the ones she loves even if it means her own death


Early life:

The youngest and only daughter in her family,she had gown up in camelot as a village girl with her two older brothers Tristan and Agravaine who was both overprotective of her she was just young when she first met uther she fall in love with him and conceived a child with him,Being that they could not be together uther left her to rise there daughter However they had met each other from time to time with uther helping her rise there Daughter Morgana however they had come to relized morgana was born with magic that people can use so In order to protect her and gave her the life she needed they had given her to one of there closest friends from the village which was the hardest thing as a mother for her to do.

, some times after uther become king of camelot Igraine and him got married she could not live in the place because of her rack but had the tittle of queen .Igraine become pregnant and given birth to uther's second child who was his hear to camelot giving him the name of arthur pendragon, rising him in the village but she had never forgot about her daughter which she had loved just as much as her son arthur , At some point she become sick and died when Arthur was still very young.

After Death

After her Igraine Died her brother Tristan blamed uther for her Death and challenged uther to a duel to the death.uther won the duel before he dead however tristen swore that he would rise from the grave and have his revenge


Prelude to the holy war

Igraine appeared to her son in a dream after his battle with the demons she then reap