Iapetus vs Ares is a fight between Titan of war Iapetus and olympian of war god Ares. It was an easy fight with Koios nearly killing Ares but all the olympian gods interviened and ganged up of Iapetus nearly killing him. If zeus and his sons/daughters never interviened than Iapetus would of never tasted barely any defeat at all so how he got his revenge is he slaughtered Zeus's elder cyclopes. zeus got angry and sealed 90 percent of his power away but it is retrievable if Koios makes the ultimate sacrifice killing his wife permanantly off the face of the universe. Iapetus was only 5 percent power when he faced off against Ares who was 100 percent power. iapetus was at 5% power poisoned and Ares was at 100% power so Iapetus could of killed Ares.