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Gwyn Nevarine
Kanji/Kana グウィンネバリン
Rōmaji Gūin Nebarin
Alias Kindled Warrior「燃やし戦士 Moyashi Senshi
Biographical Information
Age 27 (Deceased)
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 6'2" ft.
Weight 170 lbs.
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color White
Blood Type O-
Occupation Holy Knight (Diamond, Former)
Affiliation Nevarine Family (Former)
Kingdom of Londor (Former)
Expendables mark Expendables (Former)
Abilities Inferno
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Mr. Draco

Gwyn Nevarine「グウィンネバリン Gūin Nebarin」was a powerful knight, leader of the Dazzling Order which hailed from the Kingdom of Londor, being also the first son of the Nevarine Family. Ever since a young age, Gwyn had been training alongside his father in order to become a Holy Knight, a position he admired and strived to achieve, managing to do such a thing in the future, Gwyn found the new order of Holy Knights known as the Expendables. Due to his pyrokinetic powers, he is widely known as the Kindled Warrior「燃やし戦士 Moyashi Senshi」.



Gwyn's full appearance.

Gwyn Armor

Gwyn's armored appearance.




Abilities & EquipmentEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

  • Improved Strength:
  • Immense Speed:
  • Immense Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Endurance:
  • Enhanced Pain-Tolerance:


  • Bonemane「骨鬣 (ボネメーン) Honemēn lit. Sword of Bones」:
  • Bonelisk「骨短剣 (ボネリスク) Honerisuku lit. Dagger of Bones」:

Ways of CombatEdit

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist:
    • Burning Dancer Style「燃える舞姫様式 Moerumai-Ryū」:


Inferno地獄 (インフェルノ) Jigoku lit. Inferuno」:


Enchantment「魔法転移 (エンチャーントメント) Mahou Teni (Enchāntomento), lit. Magic Transference」:

  • Stagnant Gale「停滞疾風 (スタグナント ゲール) Teitaihayate lit. Sutagunanto Gēru」:
  • Rumbling Thunder「鳴動雷 (ランブリングスンダー) Meidōdenkō lit. Ranburingu Sundā」:
  • Chilled Arctic「冷製北極 (チルドアークティック) Reiseihokkyoku lit. Chirudo Ākutikku」:

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Battles & EventsEdit


"Let's dance between blades until the fire of our determination fades away!"
Gwyn during his first battle with Damon.


  • He is based off of Archer from the Fate/stay night Series.
    • Both of Gwyn's weapons reference the start of Archer's famous quote: "I am the bone of my sword...".
    • His armor is based off of Berserker from the Fate/Zero Series.
  • His name is an homage to Lord Gwyn from the Dark Souls Series, while his surname is quite close to Nerevarine, the third protagonist of the Elder Scrolls Series.
  • Gwyn's fighting stance and style is a clear reference to both Artorias and the Abyss Watchers from the Dark Souls Series.
    • The fact he uses a sword and dagger in conjunction is also a reference to the latter characters.
    • Being considered the leader of a group which fights against darkness is also a reference to the former.
  • According to the author:
    • Gwyn's special skill is perceptiveness.
    • Hobby is collecting various types of peppers.
    • Daily routine is training.
    • Favorite Food is Pepper Pie.
    • Charm Point is his smile.
    • Handedness is both hands.
    • Birthday is February 27th.
    • Complex is unknown.
    • People he respects the most are the Expendables.
    • Person he doesn't make to make an enemy is no one.

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