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Gwyn Ddraig
Human | Dragon


Kanji/Kana ホワイト竜
Rōmaji Howaito Ryu
Alias Bright Dragon (明るいです竜, Akaruidesu Ryu)
Biographical Information
Age 19 (Human)
3000 (Dragon)
Race Dragon
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 285m (Dragon)

165cm (Human)

Weight 4,480lb (Dragon)

61kg (Human)

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type A
Rank Unmeasurable
Relationships Cymru Family
Affiliation Dragon Kings
Abilities Dragon Physiology
Flame Manipulation
Enchantment: Dragoon Boost
Sacred Treasure Shining Dragon Regalia
Symbol of Beast Z-aw-4527-white-alt00

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