Kanji/Kana ファントム
Rōmaji Fantomu
Alias Sir Fantom

Ghost Knight 9th Circle

Biographical Information
Age 56
Race Undead (Formerly Human)
Biological Description
Gender Male (Originally)
Height 190 cm while at Main Body
Weight 90
Eye Color Red, Rune on Right One
Hair Color White
Blood Type
Rank Platinum (Former)

Nine Circles

Occupation 9th Circle of Treachery
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Switch


Sacred Treasure Algol (Chakram)
Symbol of Beast
 Fantom is former Holy Knight of Danafor who allied with Phantom Legion. His physical body was destroyed in Danafor, so he he takes over bodies with his Ability, Switch. He carries rank of 9th Circle, "Treachery".


Fantom is cunning person who does not hesitate to use opponent's weaknesses against him or attempt take over their body with his ability.


Faustus usually wears dark greyish metal armor, White hood and cloak, and carries massive Chakram, on his back.. Under armor he is shown to use body of female knight as his current "Host".

Knight has white hair, pale skin and red eyes. On her right eye, there is Rune that determites Fantom's rank as one of Nine Circles; Treachery.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Abilities Edit

Switch Edit

Switch allows Fantom take over bodies by changing targets and his own souls places.

Phantom Edit

Phantom allows Fantom create light blue beings of energy that act different ways. On offensive he uses Wolf Hunt.

Weapons Edit

Algol : Magical Chakram, made from unknown material. It allows Fantom increase range of Switch by tossing it.

Power Level Edit

  • Magic: 1500
  • Strength: 650
  • Spirit: 1200
  • Total: 3350

Image GalleryEdit


Fantom's current body


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