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Fünf Schwerter
Anime komatsu knife




Faibu Ken

Also Known As

Blacksmith Blade


Great Sword


Carmilla Dracula


Carmilla Dracula






Media Debut


Fünf Schwerter is a normal looking dagger that has a series of powerful and well know (in fact legendary) weapons sealed inside it and can change into any one of those weapons at any moment, it is currently owned by the former Diamond Holy Knight: Carmilla Dracula.

Forms Edit

  • Zulfigar - This is the first form of Fünf Schwerter, it shape is a scimitar having two parallel blades, emphasizing its mystical abilities and speed.
  • Longinus - This is the second form of Fünf Schwerter, it is a red long spear that has to jagged sharp blades on the tip of the spear.
  • Joyeuse - This is the third form of Fünf Schwerter, it is a rapier that part of it's blade is closest to the hilt; in cases where a master divides the blade into an even number of parts, this is the first half of the blade.
  • Kusanagi - This is the fourth form of Fünf Schwerter, the sword has a pure-white hilt with a golden dragon's head shaped hand-guard.
  • Excalibur - Excalibur is the final form of Fünf Schwerter and is a (seemingly) normal looking sword, it is ridiculously sharp and unbreakable and is as light as a feather for its true owner but for any unaccepted owner it is very heavy. It is also the true sacred weapon of Carmilla.

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