Kanji/Kana エジキール
Rōmaji Ejikīru
Alias "The Apostle's Sin of Treason"
"The Antipaladin"
"The Renegade Peer"
Biographical Information
Age 23
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 5'8"
Weight 180 lbs.
Eye Color Raven Blue
Hair Color Raven Blue
Blood Type
Occupation Knight Regent of Tachëbrun
Great Holy Knight of Tachëbrun
Knight Constable of the Tachëbrunic Knights
Affiliation Kingdom of Tachëbrun
Abilities Taranis
Equipment Murgleis
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Ezekiel (Romaji: Ejikīru; Kana: エジキール) is the eponymous protagonist of Ezekiel's Sin. With a power named Taranis, a Profane Treasure named Murgleis, and the loyalty of the Tachëbrunic Knights; he safeguards the newfound Kingdom of Tachëbrun from a number of the demons whom have been released from the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.

Throughout the Kingdom of Tachëbrun; he is nigh-universally revered as the Knight Regent of Tachëbrun, the Great Holy Knight of Tachëbrun, and the Knight Constable of the Tachëbrunic Knights.

However, throughout the rest of Gallian Empire, he is nigh-universally reviled as the Apostle's Sin of Treason.







6 years ago, Ezekiel was a freelance and itinerant shepherd. At some point in time, Ezekiel used Taranis to slay a pack of wolves. Unfortunately for Ezekiel, his use of Taranis was witnessed by Baron Ganelon of Tachëbrun himself. Consequently, Ganelon conscripted him into the competition for apprenticeship as a squire of a Tachëbrunic Knight.

Initially, Ezekiel was naught but one of the myriad of pages whom were competing for an apprenticeship as the squire of a Tachëbrunic Knight. However, immediately after Ezekiel revealed his possession of Taranis, Sir Pinabello exempted Ezekiel from the competition and then conscripted Ezekiel into an apprenticeship as one of his three squires.

2 years later, Ezekiel underwent an accolade into a Knight Errant of the Tachëbrunic Knights.

Quest for Murgleis

Immediately afterward, as a test of his suitability as a Knight Bachelor of the Tachëbrunic Knights, Baron Ganelon tasked Ezekiel with the quest of persuading Madelger — a demonic blacksmith — into forging a Profraned Treasure. So Ezekiel braved a most perilous journey to and throughout the enchanted forest of Brocéliande.

Notably; during his journey throughout the enchanted forest of Brocéliande; Ezekiel encountered Esclados, Laudine, and Luned. At the behest of the Goddess of the Fountain, Esclados assaulted Ezekiel. Subsequently, Ezekiel defeated Esclados. Yet, in spite of the fact that Esclados' assault had been unprovoked, Ezekiel did not slay Esclados. Out of appreciation for Ezekiel's mercy towards Esclados, Laudine tasked Luned with guiding Ezekiel to Madelger.

With Luned's guidance, Ezekiel managed to meet Madelger and inform Madelger about Baron Ganelon's request for a Profane Treasure. In response to Ganelon's request, Madelger assaulted Ezekiel. Subsequently, in stark contrast to Madelger's expectations, Ezekiel defeated Madelger. In response to his defeat, Madelger agreed to forge a Profane Treasure for Ganelon. So Madelger forged the Murgleis, Ezekiel brought the Murgleis to Ganelon, and Ganelon promoted Ezekiel into a Knight Bachelor of the Tachëbrunic Knights.

Britannian-Gallian War

Unfortunately for Ezekiel, shortly after he became a Knight Bachelor of the Tachëbrunic Knights, Emperor Carolingius decided to conquer the entirety of Britannia. So, in preparation for an invasion of the Britannian mainland, Emperor Carolingius launched an invasion of the Distant Isles. Consequently, before Ezekiel had the chance to enjoy his social elevation from the franklinage to the nobility, he had to fight in a war of all things. Fortunately for Ezekiel, during the war between the Gallian Empire and the Distant Isles, he managed to distinguish himself to the point where Emperor Carolingius begun to refer to him as being both a Great Holy Knight of Gallia and a Paladin titled as the 13th Peer.

For 4 years; Emperor Carolingius, the Holy Knights of Gallia, and the Baronial Knights of Gallia warred against Lord Galehaut and the Holy Knights of the Distant Isles. Eventually, in order to bring their costly and long-winded war to a close, the Gallian Empire and the Distant Isles arranged a pitched battle against one another. Unfortunately for the Gallian Empire, as an attempt to both avenge himself upon Paladin Roland and usurp Emperor Carolingius, Baron Ganelon betrayed the Gallian Empire's battle plan to the Distant Isles. Consequently, at the pitched battle, the Gallian Empire was routed by the Distant Isles.


Unfortunately for Baron Ganelon, while Roland may have died in the pitched battle, Emperor Carolingius did not. Consequently, immediately after the Gallian Empire's retreat from the Distant Isles, Emperor Carolingius launched an investigation into the Distant Isles' foreknowledge about the Gallian Empire's battle plan for the pitched battle. Eventually, the investigation revealed Baron Ganelon's betrayal to Emperor Carolingius. So Emperor Carolingius launched an invasion of Baron Ganelon's fief, the Barony of Tachëbrun. During the invasion, Baron Ganelon and Sir Pinabello were killed-in-action. Shortly after Ganelon and Pinabello's deaths, in order to preclude any attempt to avenge their deaths, Emperor Carolingius ordered the execution — by hanging — of 30 of Ganelon and Pinabello's relatives.

Previously, because he was more loyal to Emperor Carolingius than he was to Baron Ganelon, Ezekiel had been a neutral party in the "war" between Gallia and Tachëbrun. However, immediately after Emperor Carolingius ordered the execution of innocents, Ezekiel assumed command of the Tachëbrunic Knights and then ambushed Emperor Carolingius and the rest of the Holy Knights of Gallia. Subsequently, after he slew Carolingius and a supermajority of the Holy Knights of Gallia, Ezekiel declared that Tachëbrun was independent from the Gallian Empire and then consolidated Tachëbrun's independence by forging an alliance with the Distant Isles and then proclaiming that the Barony of Tachëbrun had become the Kingdom of Tachëbrun.

Not long after, the newly crowned Empress Carolingia decreed that Ezekiel was to be forever reviled as the Apostle's Sin of Treason. In addition, because Baron Ganelon's son — Claudas — was too young to succeed Ganelon as the Baron of Tachëbrun, Ezekiel assumed the position of Knight Regent of Tachëbrun Much to the disagreement of Baroness Claudia.



Abilities and Equipment