Kanji/Kana エットーレ
Rōmaji Ettōre
Alias Bite
Biographical Information
Age 1600+
Race Vampire
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Blood Type
Affiliation The 4 Creatures of the Night
Abilities Flight
Bat form
Sacred Treasure Meier (Vampire Claw)
Symbol of Beast

Ettore (エットーレ, Ettōre) is a noble Vampire, also known as Bite (バイト, Baito) and leading member of the 4 Creatures of the Night. After the death of his beloved, he turned against the Vampire Clan.


Ettore is a tall pale skinned, white haired and red eyes vampire. He usually wears noble english clothing with a mantle.


He is usually calm and hide his feelings. He is very intelligent, capable of thinking complicated plans for very short amount of time. He is cursing himself for his own lack of power and weakness to save his beloved.


Ettore fell in love with a human woman, Maya, which for a noble vampire like him was unacceptable. Facing the ultimatum of either killing his beloved or dying with her, he turned against his own clan, killing some of them and running away with her. Eventually they caught them and Maya sacrificed herself to save him. Ever since that day, he cursed himself, always seeking a way to atone himself for his weakness.


Being a vampire, Ettore have increased physical strength and abilities, along with more sharp senses and perception. He is capable of flying/levitation. He is also capable of turning his mantle into shield, capable of blocking incoming attacks.

Bat formEdit

Ettore is capable of turning into a swarm of bats, giving him faster speed to travel or getting into tight places.


Meier, an old vampire artifact, which except it's very sharp nature, is capable of absorbing the blood on it and giving it to Ettore, increasing his strength.


  • This character is originally based on Meier Link, a vampire from Vampire Hunter D series.


The 4 Creatures of the Night
EttoreP DravenP AbelP LorcanP
Ettore Draven Abel Lorcan

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