Kanji/Kana ドラベン
Rōmaji Doraben
Alias Bark
Biographical Information
Age 300+
Race Werewolf
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Blood Type
Affiliation The 4 Creatures of the Night
Abilities High sense, speed, power and healing
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Draven (ドラベン, Doraben) is an english gentlemen and a werewolf, also known as Bark (バルク, Baruku) and member of the 4 Creatures of the Night.


Draven is a large, red haired man with a distinctive under-bite and side-burns. He wears a white shirt with a red tie under a black waistcoat, as well as black pants with brown dress-shoes. He also wears glasses.


Known for his gentlemanly composure, honest to a fault nature & unshakable will, he typically conducts himself in a calm, polite manner unless suitably angered, in which case he will lash out with a beast-like level of savagery.


Once his mother learned that Draven, inherited his father race, she left him at the gate of a wealthy family, which due to being incapable of a creating their own child, decided it was a gift from the heaven and adopted him. As he grew up, he wasn't understanding from were his beast-like aggression was coming when he was seriously angered. When he first transformed, he killed his parents in his blinded rage, but soon was discovered by his father and he trained him and made him capable of controlling his transformation.


Draven Werewolf

Werewolf form

Being a werewolf, Draven has increased physical strength and sense. He is capable of transforming at any given time, but he is more strong during the night, and the strongest during a full moon. During his transformation his healing ability also increases, capable of sustaining more damage in battles, while tearing his opponents to pieces.


  • This character is originally based on Klaus V. Reinhertz from Kekkai Sensen series. Werewolf image is from Wolf Guy series.


The 4 Creatures of the Night
EttoreP DravenP AbelP LorcanP
Ettore Draven Abel Lorcan

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