"He was no Human. He just had the face of one. His power, and everything else about him...was the reason why he could leave. Why he had to."
—A Holy Knight talking about Drake Ascalon
Drake Ascalon
Kanji/Kana ドレーク アスカロン
Rōmaji Dorēku Asukaron
Alias Monster King (化け物王, Bakemono-ō)
Biographical Information
Age 76
Race Human (?)
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Rank Unknown
Occupation Holy Knight (Retired)
Affiliation Holy Knights (Former)
Unnamed Restaurant
Abilities Monster
Equipment Gram
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Drake Ascalon (ドレーク アスカロン, Dorēku Asukaron) is a now retired, 76 year old Holy Knight of an unknown rank. He was said to possess immense power, enough to single handedly defeat the likes of Tyrant Dragons, easily earning him the title of Monster King (化け物王, Bakemono-ō). However, due to his advancing age, as well as immense power, he was eventually allowed to retire, via his own request, fifteen years ago, after an incident that killed his comrades, by his own hands after being unable to hold back his full power. Drake now works as a simple waiter at an unnamed restaurant, on the outskirts of Britannia.



Drake's Full Appearance



Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Drake's appearance is based off of Jack Rakan from Mahou Sensei Negima!.
  • Drake's name literally means "Dragon" or "Serpent".
    • His surname, "Ascalon" is named after the sword wielded by St. George, a Knight who was known to slay Dragons.

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