Death Magic
Kanji/Kana 冒とく
Rōmaji Bōtoku
Classification Corruption
User(s) Paragon
Weapon Caladbolg
Media Debut


 Desecration is Ability of Paragon .


Desecration is ability that corrupts anything it comes contact with. When used on ground, all plants withing its range wither and die, while wounds made by weapon it is used with it won't heal. When Desecration is used, Paragon's sword glows blue energy. However it has relatively short range, only 10 m. Caladbolg increases range, however, to 50 m.

Desecration's weakness is Holy Water or with power of goddess,purifying Desecration. Water has no effect on Caladbolg or Paragon, however.


Desecration : By stabbing Caladbolg to ground, Paragon spreads Desecration to ground, causing plants wither and making animals flee in terror or get sick.

Desecration of Dead : While withing area of Desecration, Paragon is able to manipulate corpses of the dead do his bidding.

Desecration Blade : By surrounding his weapon with light blue aura, Cuts Caladbolg won't heal until purified.



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