Demon Arm
Kanji/Kana 鬼の腕
Rōmaji Oni no Ude
Classification Enchanted Limb
User(s) Calvar
Media Debut


Demon Arm is "Sacred Treasure" used by member of the Nine Circles of the Phantom Legion, 5th Circle of Anger, Calvar.

Appearance Edit

As it's name states, Calvar's treasure is part of his own body, namely his right arm. Usually Calvar keeps arm hidden under black cloths, but once revealed it takes form of blood red, demonic arm. Arm has ability to extend, increasing it's reach.

History Edit

Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Enchanted Strength
  • Enchanted Durability
  • Regernation : Demon Arm heals Calvar's wounds quickly.
  • Enchanted Reach
  • Scar : Demon Arm is source of Calvar's ability, "Scar" - ability which opens past wounds of the target. Ability is more dangerous, closer victim has been death.

Trivia Edit

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