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" Deathbringers embody the perfect soldier, always faithful to their master and very efficient fighters, be cautious knights ! If you're not ready to face the deathbringers, you'll meet your demise with their swords !"  -A druid warning holy knights about the threat which deathbringers represent 

Deathbringers are elite soldiers of the undeads' army who belong to the Bone Legion. In terms of power, they can be considered as powerful as platinium-ranked holy knights. The creation of a deathbringer is something rare to witness... Most of the time, a deathbringer is born from the will of dozens of weak souls who died in the same area and are fusioning to be resurected by the Reaper's Curse as an unique entity. They are led by Ralta to execute The First One's will as their emissaries of death.


A Deathbringer

Abilities Edit

Being elite soldiers, the deathbringers have a little mastery of the unholy energy.

Unholy Blade : Deathbringers are able to cover their blades with unholy energy, increasing the power of their attacks.

Aegis of the Dead : Deathbringers are able to enchant their shields with unholy energy, increasing their defensiveness.

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