Kanji/Kana クロケル
Rōmaji Kurokeru
Alias 3rd Circle
Biographical Information
Age 3000+
Race Demon
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 195 cm
Weight 95 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Rank Nine CIrcles
Occupation 3rd Circle of Gluttony
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Absorption


Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Crocell the Devourer is member of Demon Clan who managed avoid being sealed away. He works for Phantom Legion to get revenge to Goddess Clan. He represents 3rd Circle of Hell, Gluttony.


Crocell has long black hair and pale skin, and has black eyes. His outfit purple and light blue robe with boned armor. It has three green tail-like tentacle arms coming from his back, sporting several large hoop bones leading to a red-eye on his chest, and two gauntlets with eyes at the wrist & backhand of his arms.


Crocell is cunning person who is willing to anything to win. He is often mocking his opponent's to make them lower their guard, so he could use his ability on them.





Absorption Edit

Power Crocell possesses is Absorption, allowing him absorb other living beings and add them to his own body. Absorbing can be cancelled within 24 hours by victim. After Crocell has absorbed someone, he gains ability use one of their abilities. He has demonstrated this by using Creation, ability usually used by Giant Clan. However, Crocell has weakness - He cannot absorb anything related to Goddess Clan, since it would burn him from inside out.

Crocell-Hunger Form
  • Original Form: In his original form, Crocell resembled giant worm with multiple mouths on it's body.
  • Supressed Form: While in Suppressed Crocell takes more human appearance, and uses this form rather than his Original Form, since it is more easier to hide.

List of Known Powers Crocell has Acquired Edit

  • Creation : Gained from eating dozen members of Giant Clan.
  • Regernation : Gained from eating other demons.
  • Split : While not as powerful as Legio's, Crocell is capable of splitting his own body in two beings. This is how also how he escaped Goddess Clan, and avoided getting imprisoned with rest of the Demon Clan.
  • Portal : After -LONG- discussion, Ashlyn agreed to share part of her power with Crocell, granting him ability to teleport. However he cannot teleport as far away as Ashlyn.
  • Blaze : Crocell is capable of controlling fire, thanks to Holy Knight he devoured several years ago.
  • Invisibility : Crocell acquired this power by devouring a Holy Knight with same ability. With it, he can turn invisible at will, even if only while in Suppressed Form.
  • Storm : Crocell acquired ability to control wind by devouring an fairy with same ability during war against Goddess Clan.
  • Dark Snow : Acquired by eating several Grey Demons. Crocell is capable of summon deadly, black snow, though cannot move while doing so. Crocell has shown to be also able to use Dark Nebula and Dead End.

Power of Darkness: Demons can create and manipulate a mysterious dark substance to enhance both their offensive and defensive abilities. It has been shown to form various weapons and to protect them from attacks that would otherwise cause serious injury. Crocell is capable to use this power, and it has gotten even stronger thanks to his Absorption.



Power Level Edit

Original Form Edit

  • 3000 Years ago
    • Magic: 15000
    • Strenght: 13000
    • Spirit: 10000
    • Total: 38000
  • Current
    • Magic: 10000
    • Strenght: 8000
    • Spirit: 5000
    • Total: 23000

Suppressed Form Edit

  • Magic: 1500
  • Strenght: 1300
  • Spirit: 1000
  • Total: 3800



"Did I ever say I need to eat you whole to gain your "Ability"? No, that is not necessary... Even portion of your body is enough, even it does tend to make ability bit... Weaker. But, that can be fixed..." - Crocell mocking his enemy.



  • Base of character is Inuyasha's Naraku. (What I can say, I had few options for picture.)

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