Copy Cat
Kanji/Kana 土 (テラ)
Rōmaji Kopīkyatto
Classification Unknown
User(s) Alymere Dagonet
Weapon None
Copy any power
Media Debut


Copy Cat is an ability that allows the user to copy any ability they are attacked by. It is used by the leader of the Watchdogs of Farron, Alymere Dagonet


The Copy Cat ability lets Alymere copy the ability of anyone he meets. Alymere must first be hit by the attack head on. Then he copy's the ability and can use it anytime he want. The ability becomes apart of his arsenal. It has been compared to both Snatch and Link, but the difference is instead of "robbing" someone's power from them or having to"borrow" someone's power from a willing user, Copy Cat simply copy's the ability and add's it to the user's arsenal with no negative effects like Snatch or willingness like Link.


Copy Cat: After being hit by the attack once, Alymere raises his hand in defense against the second attack. The attack doesn't damage him at that moment and instead gets "absorbed" and becomes apart of Alymere's arsenal.

Copied TechniquesEdit

  • Full Counter: This ability allows Alymere to reflect attacks aimed at him, back at the enemy, but with much greater power. He has copied both the physical and magical sides of Full Counter.
  • Thunderbolt: Allows Alymere the ability to generate lightning.


  • Alymere has stated that the hardest ability to copy was Full Counter because of how quickly the attack is executed, it actually took him multiple tries to copy the ability.

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