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Kanji/Kana 聖剣クラレント
Rōmaji Seiken Kurarento
Classification Sword
User(s) Caelia
Media Debut


The Holy Sword Clarent聖剣クラレントSeiken Kurarento」is the sword which is wielded by Caelia.


Clarent takes the appearance of a typical double-edged longsword, with a length of about three feet, and a width of about four to five inches. Along the flat of the blade, there lie runes inscribed into the metal, though it is unknown if they have any significance. The crossguard of the sword is majority gold, with two royal blue lines running across each side, with a design resembling that of a "checkmark". The chappe is gold with a beautiful blue design inside of the gold. The hilt of the blade is entirely blue, until reaching the tip, which is gold.

History Edit

Plot Edit



  • Clarent was King Arthur's sword of peace, however it was later stolen by Mordred, and later used to kill King Arthur.


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