Kanji/Kana カラドボルグ
Rōmaji Karadoborugu
Classification Great Sword
User(s) Paragon
Media Debut


Cursed Sword Caladbolg (呪わ大剣、カラドボルグ, Norowa daiken karadoborugu) is a Great Sword used by Paragon, Leader of Phantom Legion.

Appearance Edit

Caladbolg takes form of rather large sword with wide blade. It has jet-black hilt and guard with skull-ornament, while blade itself has cold-blue glow. Blade also has text written on it, written on unknown language.

History Edit

Caladbolg and Armor of Underworld were found by Paragon from cave, few years after Holy War ended.

Plot Edit


Abilities Edit

Caladbolg seems have ability to increase reach and power of Paragon's Desecration, as well as his destructive power.

Trivia Edit

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