Kanji/Kana 胴枯れ病
Rōmaji Dōgarebyō
Classification Curse
User(s) Seigrim
Weapon Kharon
Media Debut


Blight is ability of Seigrim.

Description Edit

Blight, when casted, takes form of poison green cloud of smoke. When inhaled, germs created by magic infilirate body, causing contagion. Without cure targets die in three days. Blight can be however cured several ways. One can do it with powerful Heal spell, Goddess blessing, or making medicine from Tears of Goddess. (One tear is enough to make cauldorn of antidote)

Techniques Edit

Parasite Cloud : Seigrim creates poison green cloud, filled with virus that spreads through air. Using fire on cloud should burn virus however. (Cloud is quite large)

Infection: Seigrim touches his target, injecting their bodies with powerful diseases.

Black Death: Strongest of the Blight Spells; By using his staff, Kharon, Seigrim spreads massive cloud of poison green dust, enough to cover small town.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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